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Practice Areas and Client Groups
Choosing an attorney is an important decision, whether you are in individual entrepreneur, emerging company or established business.  This section of the website is designed to provide an overview of the firm’s practice areas, and the types of clients and industries with which the firm has experience, in order to help you decide if the firm is right for you and your business needs.  However, this website should not be a substitute for a telephone consultation or in-person meeting.  We encourage you to contact us early in your decision-making process.  It is often more economical and effective to have legal counsel from the outset, than to have to go back and address issues that have arisen.
Business and Consulting Services
Clients of all sizes often need assistance with regard to the provision or acquisition of consulting services, and with general business legal issues.  The firm has experience assisting independent contractors who need non-disclosure agreements and consulting services templates that can be used for multiple engagements.  The firm also has experience representing large consulting services organizations with the development of high-value custom agreements with customers in a variety of industries.  In addition, having represented both companies that were seeking outside investment, and venture capital firms considering such investments, Sharon has the inside knowledge that enables the firm to help prepare clients for the audits that come with outside financing.  READ MORE

The firm has experience representing biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies with regard to the entire spectrum of clinical trials counseling and contracting, including clinical trial site agreements, clinical trials management services and informed consent issues. The firm has provided in-house client training on clinical trials enforcement trends, and the legality of clinical trials study subject recruitment and retention methods. In addition, the firm has experience advising companies with regard to human subject protections.  Whether you need help with a single clinical trials management agreement, or the review or development of a complete set of domestic and international clinical trial study site agreements, the firm can help you with the legal issues surrounding your trial.  READ MORE
The firm has extensive experience structuring, drafting and negotiating a wide variety of complex agreements for biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academic medical centers, with particular emphasis on technology transfer and research and development.  In addition, the firm has experience counseling companies on physician and other healthcare professional interactions, anti-bribery/anti-corruption, scientific misconduct, false claims and pre-approval promotion.  READ MORE
Internet, Computers and Communications
In addition to broader technology and intellectual property services, HTLF has significant experience in the fields of Internet and e-commerce, computer software, hardware and systems, networking, telecommunications and broadcast.  As a former computer programmer, Sharon Tasman Prysant, the firm's Principal, offers clients real-world understanding of the particular issues that both the developers and customers must address in contractual arrangements.  READ MORE

Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers

HTLF understands that each physician, other healthcare provider and healthcare organization faces unique circumstances in the challenging legal and regulatory landscape.  Whether practicing individually or as part of a group or hospital, we can provide the personal attention physicians need to identify key issues and develop appropriate legal and business solutions. 

The firm has experience representing clients across a wide variety of industries, both technology focused and non-technology focused, regarding the development, protection, acquisition, commercialization and outsourcing of products, services, ideas and inventions.  Having worked with developers, manufacturers and vendors of technology, and with the purchasers and licensees of technology, the firm has the unique perspective necessary to resolve complex contracting issues in a manner that meets both sides’ business needs.  READ MORE


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