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Providing Excellence in Legal Services to Established Businesses, Emerging Companies and Individual Entrepreneurs

Why Choose the Health & Technology Law Firm?

Providing Excellence in Legal Services

The Health & Technology Law Firm (HTLF), draws on its attorneys' combined forty years of "big law", large corporate and NIH experience, bringing clients excellence in legal services combined with the personal attention of a small law firm.  HTLF works closely with clients to understand their particular needs, to identify key issues and to develop appropriate solutions to drive client success.  HTLF understands that each client, whether an established business, emerging company or individual entrepreneur, faces unique circumstances in the challenging legal landscape.  

Client Groups

HTLF provides business-savvy, goal-oriented legal services to a variety of clients, both large and small, including:

  • Academic, commercial and non-profit research institutions
  • Consulting services providers
  • Information systems and technology vendors
  • Media and content development companies
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers
  • Physician and other healthcare providers
  • Private equity, portfolio management and venture capital companies
  • Sponsors of clinical research and clinical trial sites

Practice Areas

HTLF has particular knowledge with regard to the complex legal and regulatory issues involved in the follow practice areas:

  • Commercial transactions, general business issues and consulting services
  • Clinical trials and human subject protections
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Internet, computers and communications
  • Technology and intellectual property acquisition, protection and commercialization

Goal-Oriented Approach

Through multiple long-term relationships working directly with clients’ scientific and business executive officers, senior management and staff, the firm has developed a deep understanding of the goal-oriented approach necessary to facilitate client projects. 

Fostering Positive Business Relationships

Having represented both licensors and licensees, vendors and purchasers, and sponsors and researchers, the firm has the unique perspective necessary to resolve complex contracting issues in a manner that meets all parties’ business needs and fosters positive relationships. 

Single Project or Long Term Business Needs

Whether you are looking for assistance on a single legal matter, or more long-term support, the Health & Technology Law Firm is available to meet your business needs.  Depending on the nature of your legal matter, we may be able to work with you on a fixed-fee basis so that your legal costs can be more easily budgeted.

Please call at (240) 343-5690 for a free consultation.


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